No 31 & 141 – Seiko SKX009

What? Only two SKX009’s? Something must be wrong! I actually thought I had had more than two 009’s but the one I had the longest, watch number 159, was actually a SKX007 that was modified with the dial from a 009 so it didn’t qualify as a pure 009 (read more about watch 159 here). For you who doesn't know the difference between the 007 and 009 it is only the color of the dial, chapter ring and bezel insert that separates them.

The first one I bought was in mid February 2010. It came on the jubilee bracelet which I switched out for an olive nato strap. Today the jubilee is my absolute favorite Seiko bracelet. You just have to give it an all brushed finish first to get rid of the bling and bring out the tooliness. Sold it two weeks later because there was a want to buy-add out looking for one. Time to sell!
#31 – On the jubilee.
On the nato.

My second one got to stay a little longer. Looks like I had it during the whole month of August in 2012. Got this one on the president bracelet. My second favorite of the Seiko bracelets. As you already know it’s a perfect summer beater and this one got to go on several fishing trips. Luckily it managed to get caught on some pictures while being out in the archipelago hunting for predators.
#141 – On the president.
Thai dinner on the balcony.

Drinking Asbach. The best.

Took its bezel insert for a round with the chlorine.

Pike fishing in early August.

The same goes for the SKX009 as for the 007 of course. Perhaps the best entry level watch for a becoming watch maniac. One should always be in your collection.

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